Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pot holder tutorial

Here is my tutorial on recycling jeans into a potholder.

I find a finished size of about 8 inches by 7 is about right but it can be 7 by 6.5inches or whatever you like.

Find an old pair of jeans, and cut the leg out measure out an piece 17 inches by 7.5 inches if you have it or you can cut two pieces 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches each. Then I did some machine embroidery or you can hand embroidery or iron on a patch or leave in plain. (the design I used is from Embroidery library).

Here I just made sure there was enough when I folded it in half, then I trimmed it up.

You can see here that the finished size is just a little smaller, and thicker.

Next I press down one side just over 1/4 inch. this will be the side we use to turn it through.

This is what you will have; the left side is just folded over so will not need to sew that one and the right side has the edges turned in and pressed.

Next we cut a piece of Insul-Bright Insulation you NEED this stuff if you are really going to use these pot holders, it keeps the heat from getting to your hands. I used a layer of this and then also used a layer of old cloth you can use a dishtowel or old bath towel but you must also use the InsulBright just the dishcloth alone is not enough and I would not want you to get burned. Also just a note do not use a potholder if it is wet!! the heat from a hot pan will go right through it and burn you (yeah I learned that the hard way).

Turn right sides together and place old dish cloth and InsulBright down.

You will notice that I did not put the InsulBright and towel up against the fold, I found that if you did you get a lump in your finished project.

Next pin it together so you will not have shifting and using a walking foot sew the top and bottom sides.

I used dark thread so you can see it here, then trim the InsulBright and towel as close as you can to the stitching and trim the corners, but NOT the two corner where you have left the opening for turning.
Turn right side out.

I place a folded piece of twill at the top right of the pot holder to make a loop.

Then stitch around all four side and your finished.

Just a note here, when using hot pans and pot holders you have to be smart; remember safety first, use good judgement and if it is starting to feel warm put it down!! You can always use two pot holders at a time if it is a hot and heavy pan you are lifting. I am giving directions for pot holders I make and use myself but can not be responsible for burns and misuse of pot holder.

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