Saturday, May 17, 2008

Making a pincushion.

Today is Saturday, and my daughter and I spent the morning taking down wallpaper in a bathroom. Ok so I get that some people like wallpaper and if I had never taken it down before I guess I would too... but this is the second room in this house I have taken down wallpaper from and all I can say is why do people decide to put some thing other than just the paste down? There is like this yellow crackly glue ...sigh.... ok so after that I really wanted to sew or make something, I have an idea for an apron...... The reality is I am just too tired to really do a good job so I started looking at some of my saved link and found this fun pincushion and was able to just whip it up and fun and easy :) I think I will go and make a few more but I wanted to share in case someone out there wanted a fast fun small project.

I just picked up some scraps I had and put them together I used this tutorial, I didn't measure just 'eye balled it" :)

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