Sunday, June 8, 2008

Random thoughts....

This weekend has been so far; about getting things in order for me. I spent yesterday cleaning out, throwing out and reorganizing things here at my house. Oh, I am thankful I have a great hubby that helped a lot! But it really makes me thinking all this "stuff" we needed (ha) a the time and now it is just in the way.... and that made me think about the economy which everyone is thinking and talking about right now, rising prices in gas of course and really all goods that we buy.
So what am I doing to help with costs here? Making my own laundry soap for one, it is actually fun. Grouping all my trips to the store and that means I spend a lot more full days at home.
What are you doing at this time? how are you saving? cutting back?

Today I am going to plant some flowers out front, there is a flower box right out side my sewing window and it will really be cheerful I think!

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