Saturday, July 5, 2008


Lets talk about aromatherapy....... Sure I'd heard of it and wondered about it.... but I thought that it was about feel good fragrance. But, my youngest daughter is working now and she suffers greatly from migraines. So one night she came home and told me about this gal she works with and how she put some peppermint oil on her temples and her headache got better so she could work. Then a week or so later she dropped something on her foot here at home and she went to work and the same lady put some lavender essential oil on her foot and the bruise actually got better. Truly, I was surprised and well for me anything that helps her migraines is worth looking in to and trying. So, I bought a couple of essential oil from the health food store and I got some wintergreen essential oil and almond carrier oil and tired that for the pain in my joints due to fibromyalgia and to my amazement it helped! I also tried anise for sore muscles. So I have ordered a few more essential oils that I feel are a higher quality and I'm reading and learning about essential oils. Oh, I have to also tell you that I burned my hand cooking and applied lavender 'neat' which means just plain not in a carrier oil and it soothed it and also it did not make a blister and it's healing really nicely now.
I would love to hear your comments as to what you have tried or your thoughts on this subject

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